St Hilaire to have the fastest residential internet speeds in Mitchell Shire.

St Hilaire have partnered with wholesale fibre broadband provider Redtrain Networks to deliver superfast broadband to the new Wallan Community.

The partnership will provide residents of the St Hilaire community with the fastest residential internet speeds in Mitchell Shire – up to 10 gigabit connectivity. 

For reference, that’s 10 times faster than nbn’s maximum speed!

Residents can connect immediately after moving in.

How does it work?

Redtrain Networks is a statutory infrastructure provider of open access, wholesale fibre internet services that use a panel of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide services to consumers.

Redtrain Networks national sales manager, Jesse Basso, says what sets Redtrain apart is their provision of XGSPON (10 gigabit) fibre infrastructure, which is 10 times faster than the standard GPON (1 gigabit) network.

“The transit fibre network built to St Hilaire from Melbourne is completely independent of the National Broadband Network (nbn) and will provide a stable backbone for our market-leading fibre solution deployed within the estate,” he said.

“An nbn residential estate that receives fibre to the premises could expect maximum download speeds offered through ISPs of 1 gigabit per second (1Gbps) and upload speeds of up to 400 megabits per second (400Mbps).”

As currently only St Hilaire will be receiving the new dedicated transit fibre network, it won’t be possible for other residents of Wallan to achieve speeds greater than 1Gbps.

“We are actively rolling out our 10 gigabit (XGSPON) capable network to communities, while our competitors continue to build their 1 gigabit (GPON) capable network,” Mr Basso continued.

“We use our industry-leading six core fibre cabling alongside high quality network components to ensure that what we deploy today is capable of handling any future requirements.”

“We are actively rolling out our 10 gigabit (XGSPON) capable network to communities, while our competitors continue to build their 1 gigabit (GPON) capable network,”

Jesse Basso
national sales manager

Looking to the future

Developed by Whittlesea-based developer and landowners Crystal Group, St Hilaire will be situated on the southern edge of Wallan and will be home to more than 5500 residential lots.

Not only will Redtrain Networks future proof St Hilaire with their fibre network, but they will also make life easier for new homeowners by working with home builders to install their fibre infrastructure for internet, phone, and TV services during the construction phase. 

This will allow residents to connect immediately after moving in – no technician visit required!

“We will be installing digital antennas within each home alongside our fibre to enable a ‘clean roof policy’ (no antennas),” Mr Basso said. 

The superfast broadband promises to impress residents – especially those who have endured poor internet speeds in the Wallan area. 

Mr Basso said internet speeds depend on the type of internet technology residents used (in Wallan, residents currently use a mixture of fibre, copper, and wireless services). 

“Common issues with older infrastructure include the age and quality of the copper lines, capacity in wholesaler exchanges (network congestion), capacity that their chosen retailer has purchased from a wholesaler, the type of plan they are on and even the equipment they are using in their home, like their router or internet enabled devices,” he said.

Mr Basso said changing internet service providers would only improve speed if the issue was caused by a lack of bandwidth being purchased by the ISP.

“Imagine bandwidth as being like a highway with 100 cars on it. If there are only a couple of lanes open, then there will be congestion on the highway, and it will take you longer to get where you want to go. This is what users experience when their ISP does not purchase enough bandwidth,” he said.

“When sufficient bandwidth is purchased, it is like opening up 100 lanes on this highway all with differing speed limits, you can get to your destination at whatever speed you desire.”

It is important to consider that high-speed plans attract a higher monthly cost.

Learn more

As an open access network, Redtrain Networks have a panel of ISPs that are ready to connect residents to the Redtrain network (note that Telstra does not currently on-sell Redtrain Networks services). A full list is available on the Redtrain website:

For more information on the St Hilaire development, visit our Vision page or register your interest to hear about upcoming land releases.