St Hilaire is implementing Australia's first district level, reticulated geothermal energy network throughout the St Hilaire community.*

The aim is to reduce the long-term heating, cooling and hot water costs and CO2 emissions for all future residents and commercial tenants, as well as creating a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in master-planned greenfield developments in Australia.

Benefits of Geothermal


How does it work?

The Geothermal District Energy system is delivered through network of closed loop pipes that pushes water down into the earth which recycles the water through the system. (The Geothermal system has no interaction with the water table.) As the water is pumped, it is heated by the earth’s temperature, and delivered to the Ground Sourced Heat Pump (GSHP) where it is distributed throughout the home via heating cooling or hot water as needed.

The heat pumps at each home in St Hilaire will all be linked, creating a system that can service the entire estate.

District Geothermal Energy in Wallan

1000 traditional energy homes vs Geothermal heating & cooled homes:

*   Assumptions - Based on a typical home with 3 occupants in Wallan

     Traditional home - using gas for heating, hot water and cooking.

     Geothermal home (GSHP - Ground Sourced Heat Pump) using GSHP for heating, cooling and hot water. Electricity for cooking

**  Internal combustion engine.

Building a sustainable future for all.

St Hilaire is proud to be pioneering the use of geothermal power as a way to provide cheaper, more efficient and sustainable energy to the community.

If you would like to find out more about this initiative, you can download our Geothermal energy presentation below.

St Hilaire utilises many other sustainable initiatives, such as:

  • A net zero capable master-planned community
  • A geothermal district system that reduces CO2 by 1810 tonnes and a reduction in household fossil fuels by 12.26GWh per 1000 homes per year at St Hilaire*
  • 40%+ tree canopy cover in the streets and open space throughout the community to combat the heat island effect through optimising double
  • Reconophalt by Downer Group (part recycled asphalt, recycled plastic and toner cartridges) will be implemented throughout the estate
  • Keeping over 700 existing trees on site
  • Integrated water management to clean stormwater run-off before it flows into Merri Creek
  • 3rd pipe recycled water
  • The first sales office to be heated and cooled by geothermal energy