The Vision

St Hilaire is being crafted as a neighbourhood of tomorrow, where sustainability, pioneering technologies and community spirit will unite and endure long into the future.

Chapter 01
Unique character & heritage

"Once upon a time"

St Hilaire has been designed to incorporate and respect the heritage of the area.

Rocks and trees from the site will be repurposed within the community as landscaped features or play spaces.

To celebrate the heritage-listed Inverlochy Castle Hotel, a new structure will incorporate the ruins of the once iconic local hotel and staging post. Both the Inverlochy Castle Hotel and Cobb & Co (the first stagecoaches in Australia) will also provide inspiration for street and neighbourhood names.

This approach has been deliberately adopted to ensure the estate feels like a part of the existing Wallan community.

Chapter 02
Local & Liveable

"Coming Home"

St Hilaire is a community that will connect residents to the amenity and infrastructure they need every day. It has been created as a walkable community, where all daily needs are located within a 10-minute walk from home.

St Hilaire will also provide a wide range of home styles with diverse price points and an array of sustainable initiatives. A comprehensive Display Village will also be established on site, featuring a selection of leading builders.

Chapter 03
Education & Creativity

"Life lessons"

St Hilaire will provide lifetime learning that extends beyond the classroom, giving children access to the very best in traditional education, as well as an appreciation and understanding of local history.

The estate will also offer a range of community programs and initiatives designed to promote continual learning for all, regardless of age or interest.

These initiatives will not only provide opportunities for residents to learn, but also for local business to grow and flourish.

Chapter 04
Healthy & Active

"Sustaining life"

St Hilaire is a community that will be constructed to deliver a lifestyle of activity and wellness through the integration of open space, parkland and recreational facilities.

The landscape is a vital part of the St Hilaire design ethos and a lot of consideration is being given to developing a masterplan that brings the outdoors to the doorstep of all residents.

Chapter 05

Fast Facts

Discover some of the key facts that highlight why St Hilaire is such a special undertaking.